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Direct Mail Advertising

Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

Increase car sales for your dealerships with Direct Mail

Direct Mail is definitely NOT dead even in light of the internet era. This is more so when it comes to automotive campaigns. Although you may have extensive and impactful online presence, having direct mail sent to your customers’ mailboxes has an efficiency that is not exhibited by online-focused marketing stratagems.

Consumers who receive direct offline mail are able to recall the message much better than those who view the same message in digital format. Consumers spend most of their time on the internet and get to see many emails in their inboxes. It is no wonder that this sea of constant reach outs oftentimes becomes a blur.

In crowded inboxes, emails tend to be overlooked. In addition, consumers today refrain from opening emails from unknown senders. This is largely due to the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks of various types. Direct automotive mail will not fail to reach the intended audience due to spam filters.

Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

A properly prepared automotive mail will stand out no matter how crowded your customer’s mailbox might be. It will grab their attention and get them to act better than any online call-to-action. All these and other aspects give direct mail a distinct type of advantage over other marketing strategies and methods.

At Division One Marketing, we employ a wide range of experts to implement our automotive direct mail marketing and promotion projects. They include experienced data analysts, production managers, graphic designers and world-class associates. We have the right team and necessary tools to optimize your existing direct mail strategies as well as develop entirely new and unique communication streams.

Division One Marketing offers high impact direct marketing for the automotive sector that is centered on response and results. We can develop and implement a successful campaign that aligns with your automobile marketing and sales goals.

Our Design, Data and Delivery Approach

Picking Your Theme

The direct mail advertising theme you choose can set the pace and the attitude of the customers coming in. We custom design flyers to coincide with advertising you might already be running.

Choosing Your List

Before we send the mail out it is important to research your market demographics.  We will tailor your list according to the customers you are trying to acquire.

FedEx Delivery

When it comes to making sure your order is delivered on-time, we only use FedEx.  Direct mail is time sensitive, it's nice knowing your campaign will always be on-time!

Direct Mail Programs

  • Saturation/Event Invitations
  • Trade Keys Invitations
  • Lease/Loan Termination
  • Blue/Black Book Invitations
  • Credit Score Approvals
  • Service Invitations
  • Coupons
Automotive Direct Mail Programs
Automotive Direct Mail Campaign

What Comes with your campaign?

  • Full support from all departments at Division One
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff
  • Free proposal on blended services by Division One
  • Discounts when you bundle products
  • Insured giveaways Group/Individual
  • ROI Guarantee

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