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Staffed Events

Automotive Staffed Events

Generate more Profit with our automotive staffed events

Division One Sources the best quality direct mail, digital advertising, and elite teams.

We've been around for a while and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  Our success lies in your success.  Let's be successful together!


Month long volume in a week long event!

Premium prize and cash giveaways to keep high CSI!

Large Up counts bring new customers in your store!

Improve unit count on new or used!

Co-Op approvals with manufacturer availability!

automotive staffed events

Division One's Steps for a Successful Sales Event

Selecting Your Event

The type of event you run usually depends on whether you want to sell new or used vehicles.  Staffed Sales are used car events and Hosted Sales are new car events. 

Picking Your Dates

Organizing your calendar for your event is very important. You should be maximizing the advertising you run during the event to make it a raging success!

Smashing Your Event Goals

The day before your event starts the team will show up to have a big pump up meeting.  They will have some fundamental sales training to make everybody on the same page.  Get ready to kill it!

Staffed Super-Sale Events

Our successful Staffed Event Blueprint

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